“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Joo Hyun Young to appear in new K-drama “Returning Student”

Joo Hyun Young, who plays Dong Geurami in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is expected to shine in an upcoming K-drama

After “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Joo Hyun young will present laugh and lovely charm through the upcoming web-drama “Returning Student”.

The web-series, which full name is “Returning Student: Grade is A but love is F”, depicts an unending campus love story between freshman Hyun Young and returning student Hyuk Soo. It is a project adapted from the popular corner “Returning Student in their 20s” of the famous comedy show “SNL Korea”, and so has been a hot topic even before its release. 

Joo Hyun young

The poster released shows Joo Hyun Young – a straightforward girl who takes a picture with Kwon Hyuk Soo, a student returning from the class of ’20. The appearance of them dressed in matching jackets, the signature of college students, exudes a fresh and fresh atmosphere unique to campus romance.

Hyun Young, Joo Hyun Young’s character, seems to be a quirky and unusual person on the outside, but in reality, she has a cute and arrogant personality. From the first day of her class, Hyun Young showed an unusual presence with a refreshing smile, and as soon as she finds Hyuk Soo, a returning student, she immediately recognizes that he is a senior she fell in love with at first sight in the past and tries to win him over.

Joo Hyun young

After starring in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Joo Hyun Young is equipped with a more unique positive energy, raising Interest and increasing curiosity.

The Coupang Play series “Returning Student: Grade is A but love is F”, which stars Joo Hyun Young, will be released every Saturday at 8PM (KST). 

Source: wikitree

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