EXO Sehun, who couldn’t stand rumors of premarital pregnancy, stepped up himself

After being embroiled in absurd rumors, EXO Sehun appeared in front of fans.

At around 4:50 PM on March 27th, Sehun sent a message to fans using the paid artist private messenger Bubble.

He said, “I’m very angry that this situation was created while I was staying still, but I want to tell you not to misunderstand.”


Sehun has already dismissed rumors about premarital pregnancy through his agency, but he seems to have stepped up himself to make sure that even a small “misunderstanding” is not left to fans.

This content spread on the online community theqoo. Although this message was sent as paid messenger content, fans seem to have shared it so that more people can know Sehun’s true feelings when being misunderstood due to rumors.


Netizens on online communities also commented, “He must have felt so unfair and angry”, “What an absurd rumor”, “It’s cruel that they even bully someone with rumors”, “Stay strong”, “Although he must have been startled by the news, he decided to soothe fans’ worries first”, “What kind of rumor is this?”, etc.

Earlier, a post titled “Photo posted by Sehun’s non-celebrity girlfriend” was released on an online community and spread quickly. Some netizens even raised the possibility that Sehun’s girlfriend is pregnant before marriage, pointing out details that the alleged girlfriend’s KakaoTalk profile background seems to suggest that she is pregnant and that she also shared photos taken from an EXO concert.


In response, Sehun’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “Rumors about Sehun that have been circulating online are completely groundless. It is an obvious criminal act of distributing malicious content that is not true. The post has been deleted, but we are still monitoring the situation and will take strong legal actions against the original poster and rumor spreaders.”

Source: Wikitree

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