EXID Hani expressed her honest feelings about “Idol: The Coup” poor achievements

EXID Hani (real name Ahn Hee-yeon) shared her thoughts on the end of JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Idol: The Coup” (hereinafter referred to as “Idol”).

On Dec 15th, Hani uploaded a picture of the script for “Idol” through her Instagram. In this drama, Hani played Jenna, the ruined girl group Cotton Candy’s leader. Along with this, Hani posted a long article beginning with “Success and failure seem to be very simple by the world’s standards.”

EXID Hani Idol: The Coup

She shared, “It’s not easy to distinguish between success and failure in real life. One of my favorite sayings is that ‘Life is not a race, but a sum of moments’. How can I win and succeed every time? I could be half-successful and half-failed. Even if half of my failures are bad by the world’s standards, I think it’s okay since they’re still precious to me.” Hani then added, “Can I cherish the moments the world has labeled failure in other words? Whether it’s passion, memory, process, learning or youth, shouldn’t I do my best once again to be proud of those moments?”

EXID Hani Idol: The Coup

This is believed to be Hani’s reaction to the failure of JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Idol”. “Idol” tells about young people who confidently resign their dreams. It ended after the Dec 14th broadcast. The drama did not exceed the 0% rating throughout its airing from episode 1 to episode 12.

EXID Hani Idol: The Coup

However, Hani seems to have said goodbye while keeping these poor achievements as precious memories. She wrapped up the article by saying, “Goodbye ‘Idol’, goodbye Cotton Candy, goodbye Jenna.” Accordingly, netizens showed various reactions such as “Hee-yeon, you worked hard”, “I enjoyed watching ‘Idol'”, “I felt happy thanks to Jenna. Goodbye Jenna”, “Goodbye Cotton Candy”…

EXID Hani Idol: The Coup
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