“Excessive vs. Mature” K-netizens have mixed reactions to TWICE Momo’s outfit 

TWICE’s Momo shows off her sexy charm in a revealing outfit but netizens have divided opinions.

On August 26, TWICE’s Momo posted new pictures of her on Instagram. In the photos, she is wearing a light purple see-through lace bra top. She had innerwear on, but since the innerwear is skin-colored, at first glance, it gives an optical illusion as if she was only wearing a bra. She also put on a garter belt as an accessory for the waist. 

Korean netizens seem to have mixed reactions to Momo’s fiery outfit. While some show support, saying, “As TWICE members get older, their outfits inevitably become more mature,” and “Such outfits are a bit too much considering TWICE’s image.”

Meanwhile, TWICE’s new mini-album “BETWEEN 1&2” and the title track “Talk that Talk” were released on August 26th. “Talk that Talk” is a song that fully captures the sweet and fun vibes of this album. Like the lyrics “Talk that Talk”, just one word, L-O-V-E”, TWICE conveys a message of love to their fans. 

Source: nate

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