ex-EXO Luhan is caught drunk on the street by paparazzi

Chinese idol Luhan, who is an ex-member of EXO, was caught drunk on camera and this is already the second time.

On August 2nd, local media in China reported on video footage of Luhan walking on the streets after a recent drinking party with his friends.

luhan drunk

In the video released by the media, Luhan was drunk to an extent that he was unable to control himself. Luhan, wearing a black top and a hat, drunkenly stumbles and then fell into the arms of his acquaintance. 

luhan drunk

This is not the first time a paparazzi has taken footage of a drunken Luhan. In April, after drinking with his girlfriend, actress Guan Xiaotong, and their friends, he was caught walking drunk on the street. He was so intoxicated that his girlfriend and friend had to support him.

luhan drunk

Luhan, who made his debut as an EXO member in 2012, has since left the team and is working as a singer and actor in his home country, China. Luhan has been in a public relationship with China’s “national sister” actress Guan Xiaotong since October 2017.

Source: daum

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