Eve’s Seo Eun Pyung (Lee Sang Yeob) – the most attention-drawing supporting character recently: looked well-matched with Seo Ye Jin

Lee Sang Yeob receives so much love for taking on the supporting role in Eve

Eve is currently a Korean drama that has received a lot of attention from the audience recently. The drama marks the return of Seo Ye Ji after a year of hiatus because of a private life scandal. In the latest episodes, Seo Ye Ji’s character – Lee Rael has officially captured the heart of the male lead Kang Yoon Gyeom (Park Byung Eun), causing President Kang to betray his wife. Although the audience still knows that becoming a mistress is part of Lee Rael’s plan, the audience still doesn’t know whether to love or hate this character, especially when her plan accidentally hurts another man – Seo Eun Pyung (Lee Sang Yeob).

Lee Rael’s revenge plan initially succeeded…
But accidentally hurt Seo Eun Pyung

In the drama, Seo Eun Pyung is the person adopted by Rael’s father. He witnessed the entire tragedy that befell her family. He vows to stay by Rael’s side, helping her carry out her revenge plan, painfully watching the cruel plan against her enemies and herself. The way Eun Pyung silently cares and supports Rael but can’t be with her makes the audience heartbroken.

Seo Eun Pyung is witnessing the whole tragedy that happened to Lee Rael
He is always there to support Rael
He always wanted to be with her but couldn’t

Taking on the role of Seo Eun Pyung is actor Lee Sang Yeob. His handsome looks and sweet eyes make Lee Sang Yeob help him receive the audience’s love. In real life, Lee Sang Yeob is a famous actor with a scandal-free private life and an extremely humorous personality, different from his roles. On the screen, he left a deep impression on the audience thanks to his flexible acting ability. He has participated in many famous projects such as Jang Ok Jung, While You Were Sleeping, Shooting Star, etc. In addition to acting, Lee Sang Yeob is also loved by viewers when appearing in variety shows such as Running Man. Korea, Sixth Sense,…

lee sang yeop


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