“Even IU doesn’t do that”… Park Myung-soo talks about Jung Eun-ji’s true personality

“Radio Show” DJ Park Myung-soo praised the personality of APINK’s Jung Eun-ji.

Actor Lee Sun-bin appeared as a guest in the “Legend’s Corner” segment of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”, which aired on April 22nd.

On the radio, Park Myung-soo said, Jung Eun-ji has such a nice personality. She’s so cute that I want to put her in my pocket”. Lee Sun-bin worked together with Jung Eun-ji in TVing’s original series “Work Later, Drink Now”.

Park Myung-soo continued, “Compared to Jung Eun-ji’s age, I’m old enough to be called ‘uncle’. But she calls me ‘oppa (older brother)’. She’s the only one around that age to call me ‘oppa’”, adding, IU even calls me ‘sir’”.

Regarding IU, he said, “I told her to call me ‘sir’ if she didn’t want to be too close with me, and she didn’t contact me again. I should have told her to call me ‘oppa’”, drawing laughter.


Jung Eun-ji and IU were born in 1993 and they both turn 30 this year.

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