Even fans don’t know well, but these 6 actors were once members of idol groups

Idol-turned-stars are doing great as actors.

There are many idols who are proudly starring in dramas, such as Lee Jun-ho of MBC’s “The Red Sleeve”, Kim Se-jeong of SBS’ “Business Proposal” and Park Hyung-sik of Disney+’s “Soundtrack #1”.

In fact, there have been many singers who turned into actors since the past.

Many people may not know that they were idols, but here are six actors who were once active in the music industry.

1. Joo Won – Frees

Before debuting as an actor, Joo Won worked as a member of Frees, a five-member mixed group aimed at children.


In Frees, which debuted in 2006, Joo Won danced cutely with his fresh appearance.

He also hosted SBS’ “Viva Freeze”, a variety show for children who are busy with schools and academies.


Joo Won left Frees and began to solidify his position as an actor by appearing in the musical “Altar Boyz”.

2. Son Ho-jun – Tachyon

In 2005, Son Ho-jun joined the broadcasting industry as an MC for a live entertainment information program.


Meanwhile, he started working under the three-member boy group Tachyon in 2007.

Tachyon is a virtual particle that moves faster than light. This name meant that the group would take over the music industry faster than light.


Son Ho-jun, who appeared on tvN’s “Taxi” after becoming famous as an actor, drew laughter by talking about Tachyon, “I didn’t know the group would disappear faster than light.”

3. Kim Ji-seok – LEO

Kim Ji-seok debuted in 2001 with the first album “Slow down, baby” of the five-member dance group LEO.


Kim Ji-seok, who recently appeared on tvN’s “Work Later, Hike Now”, said, “I originally debuted as a singer. I was in charge of high rap and English rap in LEO.”

Kim Ji-seok began his acting career in earnest in 2004 through MBC’s “Among Agasshi and Ajumma”.

4. Oh Yeon-seo – LUV

Oh Yeon-seo debuted in 2002 with Jeon Hye-bin and Jo Eun-byul under the three-member girl group LUV.


When appearing on tvN’s “Taxi” in the past, Oh Yeon-seo shared, “LUV disbanded in line with the 2002 World Cup. The boss called us and said ‘Go home’. That was our disbandment.”


Oh Yeon-seo, who finished LUV’s activities after six months, challenged acting through KBS2’s “Sharp” in 2003.

5. Seo Hyun-jin – M.I.L.K.

Seo Hyun-jin debuted under the four-member girl group M.I.L.K. after her trainee days at SM Entertainment.


Seo Hyun-jin had excellent singing skills enough to be the main vocalist at that time.


After M.I.L.K.‘s disbandment, Seo Hyun-jin has been active as an actress in various works such as the movie “The City of Violence”, MBC’s “Here Comes Mr. Oh”, JTBC’s “The Beauty Inside” and tvN’s “You Are My Spring”.

6. Kim Kang-woo – Guardian


Kim Kang-woo was active in the music industry as a rapper of the four-member boy group Guardian.

When appearing on MBC’s “Section TV” in the past, Kim Kang-woo explained about his debut as a rapper in an idol group, “I just visited my friend’s agency out of curiosity, and I happened to do it.”


Actor Jo Hyun-jae also belonged to Guardian. At that time, Jo Hyun-jae was in charge of vocals.

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