“Eungyo” couple reunite after 11 years…Kim Go Eun smiles brightly when meeting “ideal type” Park Hae Il

Actress Kim Go Eun met Park Hae Il after a long time.

On June 1st, Kim Go Eun uploaded a photo through Instagram story with the caption “Long time no see“.

The photo showed Kim Go Eun and actor Park Hae Il. Unlike Park Hae Il, who was smiling shyly, Kim Go Eun was staring at the camera with her signature bright smile.


The two worked together in the movie “Eungyo”. Starring Park Hae Il and Kim Go Eun, “Eungyo” was released in 2012. At that time, Kim Go Eun drew attention by digesting unconventional bed scenes with Park Hae Il.

In addition, Kim Go Eun praised Park Hae Il “His appearance shone” as well as picked Park Hae Il as her ideal type.

Even though 11 years have passed since “Eungyo”, the two’s unchanging visuals aroused admiration.

Source: Nate

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