‘Enlistment D-2’ ,BTS Jin’s still handsome even after having his hair shaved

BTS Jin is about to enlist in military

On the 11th, through the BTS fan communication community, Jin revealed a photo taken after getting a haircut before enlistment. In the photo taken from an honest selfie angle, he still drew attention with his handsome and warm visual regardless of his hairstyle.

BTS Jin military

On the 13th, Jin of BTS will enlist as an active duty soldier at a recruit training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. He will undergo basic military training for 5 weeks before being assigned to his own unit.

When the date and location of his enlistment became known last month, Jin directly posted on a fan communication platform, “Our ARMYs (fandom), you shouldn’t come to the training center. There are many people besides me, so it can be dangerous because it is crowded,” he asked to refrain from visiting. The agency also said, “There is no official event,” and asked fans to refrain from visiting the site to prevent safety accidents.

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