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‘6/45’ Lee Yi-kyung, “I dropped out of high school at my father’s advice due to my depression”, denying ‘golden spoon’ rumor

‘6/45’ actor Lee Yi-kyung revealed why he dropped out of high school

Actor Lee Yi-kyung just had a conversation with MC Yoo Jae-seok on the show ‘Hangout with Yoo’, broadcast on MBC. Here, the 6/45 star talked about the period of facing depression and the reason for dropping out of school early.

The actor born in 1989 shared that he played karate from an early age. When he was in high school, Lee Yi Kyung had an accident and had to give up playing sports. After that, depression struck and Yi Kyung repeatedly wanted to stop studying.

“One day, when I was about to go to school, my father called back and said, ‘I will meet your homeroom teacher and arrange everything. From today, you won’t have to go to school anymore.”

At that time, Yi Kyung was surprised at his father’s attitude. Because so far, he has been a strict person who values the education of his children.

“I was surprised when my father read my mind and made a decision. I still remember my father’s words to this day: ‘Why don’t you know what you like and want to do,'” the actor said.

Also on the show, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked about Yi Kyung being called the “golden spoon” star of Korean showbiz, the actor shook his head in denial.

He shared: “I used to work many part-time jobs to earn money. The last time, I was an employee at a barbecue restaurant. Thanks to many different jobs, I accumulated a lot of life experience. Experience is an asset.”

It is known that Lee Yi Kyung’s father’s name is Lee Woong Bum. He used to be the CEO of LG Innotek – a subsidiary of LG. LG Innotek is one of the industry leaders in the production of camera modules for electronic devices.

Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung recently received a lot of attention from the audience thanks to his role in the blockbuster ‘6/45’. In the movie, he played Lee Yong Ho, a North Korean soldier, who accidentally picked up the lottery ticket flying from South Korea.

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