“Drunk driving” VICTON Heo Chan… Is he gradually leaving the entertainment industry?

Rumors have been raised that VICTON Heo Chan (27) will leave the group amid controversy over drunk driving.

The idol fandom paid chatting service DearU bubble (hereinafter referred to as “Bubble”) announced the end of VICTON Heo Chan‘s Bubble service on Sep 28th.

viction heochan

On this day, Bubble announced the end of VICTON Heo Chan’s Bubble service. Not only members subscribed to Heo Chan but also members subscribed to the VICTON 6-persons ticket can no longer communicate with Heo Chan.

Some argue that Heo Chan may be in the process of leaving the group. That’s because he was the only VICTON member to announce the service end and had previously entered self-reflection on drunk driving charges.


Earlier, VICTON’s agency IST Entertainment said on Sep 23rd, “Heo Chan was caught drunk driving by the police on his way home after meeting with his acquaintances on the morning of Sep 20th.”

They added, “Heo Chan is currently being investigated by the police. After the investigation, he is expected to be subject to a disposition such as revocation of his license. Heo Chan is deeply reflecting on the fact that he committed a wrongdoing that he should never have committed. He plans to halt all group and individual activities from today.”


Heo Chan also apologized directly through a handwritten letter. He wrote, “I disappointed everyone by my wrong choice in a moment. I am sincerely reflecting on myself and spending time day by day in regret and remorse.”

viction heochan

Accordingly, VICTON is expected to continue their activities as a five-people system except Heo Chan. Only five members will attend the fan concert scheduled to be held on Oct 15th.

Source: wikitree

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