Dream Concert 2022’s Red Carpet: Hardly find a well-dressed girl group

Back to Dream Concert 2022, many Kpop idols showed their excitement!

On the afternoon of June 18, Dream Concert 2022 was officially held offline after more than 3 years of being affected by the epidemic. Early on, many K-pop idols such as Red Velvet, IVE, NMIXX and STAYC appeared on the event’s red carpet. Returning to the stage of one of the biggest music festivals in Korea, the idols constantly made fans flutter with their attractive visuals.

dream concert 2022
Many famous Kpop idols appeared on the red carpet

Attending the event’s red carpet, Red Velvet received many compliments for the members’ beautiful appearance and friendliness. However, the group caused controversy as Irene wore an out-of-tone outfit compared to her teammates.

red velvet dream concert 2022
Red Velvet appeared beautiful and radiant on the red carpet of Dream Concert 2022.
red velvet irene dream concert 2022
Irene, in a white outfit, showed off her chic aura but stood out from the other members

In the same case as Red Velvet, IVE caused controversy as Yujin dressed differently from the rest of the members. However, since the female idol would take on the role of MC for Dream Concert 2022, it is understandable that she wears a different outfit. Fans also understand and appreciate the group’s professional working style.

ive dream concert 2022
The IVE girls showed off their youthful and pretty visual
ive yujin dream concert 2022
Yujin would take on the MC position for the event, appearing with new brown hair color.

Attending Dream Concert for the first time, NMIXX members were praised for their flawless visuals. JYP Entertainment’s rookie also impressed the audience with a confident demeanor despite not having much experience. However, the girls’ costumes disappointed their fans.

nmixx dream concert 2022
NMIXX wore blue and white outfits on the red carpet.
nmixx sullyoon dream concert 2022
Sullyoon is truly one of the prettiest female idols of the 4th generation

STAYC also proved themselves to be the top hardworking group of Gen 4. They are rarely absent from any music events in Korea. In this appearance, the members chose costumes with sophisticated and cool designs.

stayc dream concert 2022
STAYC has been working so hard since their debut

Rarely attend the event, but the Kep1er girls disappoint fans when wearing black crop tops with flared trousers of the same color. These outfits made them not really stand out.

kep1er dream concert 2022
Kep1er’s chosen outfits exposed some members’ flaws.

The male idols also treated their fans to a top-notch visual party. NCT Dream wore specially designed outfits. Meanwhile, CIX, WE-I, and PENTAGON drew attention when wearing masculine and strong denim outfits.

nct dream dream concert 2022
NCT Dream members in specially designed outfits.
pentagon dream concert 2022
PENTAGON has been working hard recently
cix we-i dream concert 2022
CIX and WE-I looked cool in denim outfits.
class-y dream concert 2022
Rookie group CLASS:y wore yellow outfits at the event.
laboum dream concert 2022
LABOUM returns to this K-pop’s famous music event.
dream concert 2022
The stars could not hide their excitement when returning to Dream Concert after 3 years.

Returning after 3 years of being held online, Dream Concert 2022 caused a frenzy thanks to the appearance of famous idols. Fans have been extremely looking forward to performances from their idols.

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