Drama fans re-examine the past of Jeon Jin Seo who acted the childhood of Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Ho, Joo Ji Hoon

The past career of Jeon Jin Seo when he was a child actor is highlighted in online communities.

Jeon Jin Seo, who drew the attention of K-drama fans with his performance as Kim Hee Ae’s son Lee Joon Young in JTBC’s “The World of the Married”, signed an exclusive contract with Enter7.

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Raising high expectations for Jeon Jin Seo’s future activities, netizens are also re-examining his past when he played the young version of various stars, including Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Ho, and Joo Ji Hoon.

Jeon Jin Seo made his debut as a child actor through MBC’s “Can’t Live Without You” in 2012. Later, he made his face known to the public by appearing in various famous works as the childhood of many top actors, such as Lee Min Ho in SBS’s “The Heirs” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, Lee Byung Hun in tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine”, Kang Tae Oh in KBS2’s “The Tale of Nokdu”, etc.

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In particular, “Mr. Sunshine” is the work that helped Jeon Jin Seo gained keen attention and his performance still leaves a strong impression on drama fans.

In the drama, Jeon Jin Seo cut his hair to dramatically portray the adolescence of Eugene Choi who was determined to become a soldier. With his outstanding visual and acting skills, the young actor overwhelmed the audience despite having little screen time.

Apart from Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Ho and Kang Tae Oh, he also acted as young Joo Ji Hoon in SBS’s “Mask” and young Ahn Jae Hyun in “My Love from Another Star”. As a result, Jeon Jin Seo imprinted his name and presence as a child actor who worked with top stars.

yeon jin seo

In JTBC’s “The World of the Married” (2020), Jeon Jin Seo delicately expressed the character Lee Joon Young, who was hurt by his family stories, and showed off his solid acting skills.

Meanwhile, Jeon Jin Seo recently moved to Enter7, the agency of actors Lee Ji Hoon and Kang Na Eon, and is planning to build his filmography by expanding the spectrum of his activities. 

Source: wikitree

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