“Dr. Romantic Season 3” rating plunges to lowest rating of the season yet

The fourth episode of “Dr. Romantic Season 3” marks the lowest rating since the drama aired.

Dr. Romantic” has returned with the third season. The drama is aired on SBS gathering a familiar cast, including Han Suk Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Lee Sung Kyung. Currently, the series recorded the lowest rating in the season yet after the fourth episode.


“Dr. Romantic Season 3” is one of the most anticipated drama projects of the year. The series aims to celebrate the doctors who sacrifice themselves for the lives of others while bringing moments of healing to the viewers.

Keeping the momentum from the previous season 2, the third season receives not only positive reactions for its plot but also the performance of the cast. The chemistry between Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung also adds to the series’ appeal to the audience.

Dr. Romantic

The drama started with a two-digit rating, 12.7% for the first episode, and climbed to 13.8% with the second. However, the rating is on the decline in the second week of airing. For the third and fourth episodes, “Dr. Romantic Season 3” only garnered 13.5% and 12.3%, respectively.

Fan community platforms are dotted with discussions on the reasons behind it. Many believed it was due to the new series that drove viewers away from the drama. Nonetheless, most of the audience affirmed the drama only experienced minor setbacks and is still able to maintain a two-digit rating. They hope that the drama can bounce back in the near future.

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