“Doctor Lawyer” ending: So Ji-sub’s honor was restored, Shin Sung-rok succeeded in taking revenge but had to pay for his crime

“Doctor Lawyer” So Ji-sub was acquitted and his reputation as a doctor was restored. After taking revenge for his mother, Shin Sung-rok had to pay for his crime.

The last episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” (scripted by Jang Hong-chul/ directed by Lee Yong-seok) aired on the evening of July 23rd.

On the broadcast, Goo Jin-ki (Lee Sang-young) collapsed after being injected into the back of his neck as Jayden Lee (Shin Sung-rok)’s trick. Five years ago, Jayden Lee, who was driving under the influence of drugs given by Goo Jin-ki, lost his biological mother in an intended traffic accident. 

After the investigation, Jayden Lee, who was convinced that everything was Goo Jin-ki’s plan, took revenge. While he was still conscious, Goo Jin-ki asked Han Yi-han (So Ji-sub) to take care of his son Goo Hyun-sung (Lee Dong-ha), and took his last breath. 

After knowing that Jayden Lee planned to leave for the U.S with Im Yu-na (Lee Joo-bin), Han Yi-han headed to the airport. In the meantime, Goo Hyun-sung found Jayden Lee and stabbed him in the chest with a surgical knife to revenge for his father Goo Jin-ki.

Jayden Lee said to Han Yi-han, who arrived late, “I didn’t know that Goo Jin-ki saved his heart like that. Please deliver my apology to prosecutor Geum Seok-young (Im Soo-hyang)” then passed out. Han Yi-han then started a surgery to save Jayden Lee.

A year later, Han Yi-han, who was acquitted through a retrial, headed to the prison where Jayden was imprisoned. Han Yi-han suggested that he defends Jayden Lee. However, Jayden Lee refused, saying “I revenge in my own way, and I’m paying for it”, adding “I intend to receive the sentence without avoiding it.”

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