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Celebrities are showing off their unique styling.

Hot celebrities like BTS or IU have one thing in common. It’s their fancy and unique styling. Styling is a must for celebrities whose image varies by 180 degrees depending on what they wear. Such fancy outfits worn by celebrities are absolutely impossible to be purchased without sponsorship.

Unlike the fancy clothes of celebrities, the process of sponsoring celebrity outfits is never fancy.

Therefore, celebrities often hire “stylists” to help them style themselves. Also, they are introduced to a sponsor who will sponsor their outfits through a public relations agency. Unlike the fancy appearance celebrities, the process of sponsoring celebrities’ clothes is never fancy. What’s the reason? From now on, let’s find out the truth of the clothes sponsorship revealed by the celebrity stylist.

Unlike the fancy clothes of celebrities, the process of sponsoring celebrity outfits is never fancy.

In the past, MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ showed Byun Jin-soo, a stylist of comedian Yang Se-hyung, looking for Yang Se-hyung’s sponsored outfit. “The stylist has to pick the clothes that he wants and tell the sponsor about the program and the period of time for which the clothes will be shown,” he said. “The standard of sponsorship is difficult depending on who wears it and what kind of program it is,” he said, explaining the process of sponsoring celebrity clothes. In fact, Byun asked if he could pick a shirt and give it to Yang Se-hyung, but the sponsor refused, saying, “It’s hard because it does not belong to the brand’s target group.”

In response, Byun said, “Every brand has a target audience. The main target group is idols and actors. I haven’t seen a brand that targets comedians,” he added. Everywhere he went, he was denied clothing sponsorship and went around several sponsors, but he eventually found a sponsor who offered to sponsor some clothes and a bag. The sponsor said, “Yang Se-hyung is a likable image, so this bag is a must.”

Like this, the stylist runs around the sponsors every day to get sponsored clothes that will suit her celebrity. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get sponsored just because you like the outfit. An unpopular celebrity may be on a power trip by having his or her clothing sponsorship unilaterally cancelled for other top actors. It is also up to the stylist to return the borrowed sponsored clothes. When that happens, you have to carry a heavy suitcase containing several clothes and wander the streets of Apgujeong, where sponsors are concentrated. They don’t even have fixed days off.

The stylist also has a low salary.

The stylist’s salary is also low. Park, who actually worked as an actor’s stylist, said, “You could be paid up as little as 1.2 million won depending on your experience, but the first salary was zero won. During the first half of the year, my salary was 300,000 won, and the hardest part was that I had to be on my toes 24 hours a day.”

But stylists aren’t the only ones who have a hard time with celebrity clothes. The agency and clothing industry are often troubled by some irresponsible stylists. Actress Kim’s stylist has put agencies and clothing companies in a difficult situation by changing their contact information after borrowing clothes. When they called the phone number they barely found, the only answer they got was an irresponsible explanation: “I sent the changed contact information en masse.”

Actor Park also lose his image with the agencies due to a stylist who failed to return his sponsored clothes. Another problem was the noticeable decrease in the number of photos of the evidence. Actress Jung’s stylist embarrassed everyone by not apologizing even though she returned the clothes damaged long after the return date.

The problem does not just lies in the stylist. There are some celebrities who are not famous but act like divas when asking for gifts. Actor Choi asked for presents from the sponsors, saying, “There are many love calls from dramas and movies.” The company refused, saying, “He doesn’t fit the brand image.” Actress Kim also raised her voice by saying, “All the clothes are not good,” about a collection of a Korean brand, and participated in a famous brand event abroad with a big smile.

Some celebrities accept clothes and refuse to take pictures, citing their portrait rights.

Some celebrities refuse to take pictures, citing their portrait rights, after getting sponsored outfits. The agency claims to have worn them in dramas and shows, but the clothing companies and agencies that don’t have proof are in a bind. In response, an employee of the agency said, “When I have to adjust my tone and tell rude stylists or celebrities to try on the clothes without saying a word of hate to them, I feel sorry for myself.”

Behind the fancy celebrities is the touch of many people, including stylists.

Behind these fancy celebrities, there is a lot of support. It takes a lot of effort from stylists, public relations agencies, and the clothing industry to win a sponsorship. Marketing using celebrity awareness and likability is good, and pretty clothes are good. But wouldn’t it be win-win for both public relations agencies, the clothing industry, stylists and celebrities to keep basic manners?

Sources: Dispatch

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