Many Kpop female stars revealed that they were sexually assaulted

Many female singers have exposed the dark side of the Korean entertainment industry. They were abused by employers, company employees, even forced to “serve” alcohol to guests.

 After the agency suddenly announced Yellow Bee’s disband, member Ari exposed the staff who had sexually harassed them so the group could not continue their activities. “Company employees and managers sexually harassed us. A Yellow Bee member was dragged to the practice room and molested by one of them, though everyone else tried to stop him. There were even times when they called us to go drink in the middle of the night. Of course we had to keep quiet about this just because of our dream of becoming a singer,” Ari wrote.

 Before Ari, many idol singers denounced their management companies. Former After School member Yoo So Young – shared her past through SBS show “Hear Heard It Through the Grapevine”.  “The issue of sexual abuse occurs all the time. For example, once we went to drink and I was about to go home. At that time, the CEO said that he would take me home. I was the only woman there and when we got in the taxi, he held my hand. I knew at that moment I had to be alert,” she said.  According to So Young, this person also has many other rude actions towards her.

 Kim So Hee is famous for joining the survival show Produce 101. The female idol not only struggles with her career but also has an unhappy past at her former company.  According to So Hee, the company’s CEO used to have inappropriate actions towards her since she was a high school student. “Whenever I had schedules, he would take me in his car, make me sit in the front seat and even ask to marry me,” the singer revealed.

 Cheska – a former Fiestar member – said she was sexually harassed, even raped at 18.  “There are many sexual harassment behaviors, but I have never experienced it. Actually I am lying, I have experienced sexual harassment.  I didn’t want to say this but it was disgusting, when I came to Korea, I was raped. I don’t think I will share this with anyone,” she said.

 Model Kwon Hyuk Jung was invited to join an idol group. However, she refused after meeting the CEO of the management company.  “I met the CEO in a small room. For most of the first meetings, we sat across from each other. However, after that, he sat on the piano bench and made me sit next to him. Then he asked me to lift my skirt and show him my body. “

Open World Entertainment’s CEO Jang Seok Woo was sentenced to six years in prison for his depraved behavior. From 2010 to 2012, he harassed 10 female trainees, even six of whom were underage. Jang forced trainees to take sex pills, then asked them to get intimate with the male trainees in the company or those with high positions in the entertainment industry.

Sources: zing

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