Disbanded without any notice, “this girl group” personally held a fanmeeting for 22 fans

Rui, Hyo Sun and Ye Hin of girl group H.U.B. thanked their fans.

On Nov 12th, the YouTube channel Idol Olympics uploaded a video titled, “[Close-up camera] 3 members, 22 fans”…H.U.B, a girl group that disappeared without any disband article, went into a sea of tears” was posted.

girl group H.u.b

The five-member girl group H.U.B. officially debuted in 2017, but disbanded in 2019 without any official announcement. “Idol Olympics” has met with the members Rui, Hyo Sun and Ye Hin of H.U.B.

When asked if they had any article written about their disbandment, Ye Hin said, “We disbanded in silence.” They said that even though they haven’t been active for three years, fans will still come to see them if they have a fanmeeting. Ye Hin said, “We will still be grateful even if only ten people come. We will still be thankful even if only five people or just one person comes.” Rui said, “The reason I want to do this job is that our fans are there. I want to keep seeing them for a long time and I want to do this for them because you have been waiting for us,” she said.

girl group H.u.b

The three of them went to a rented cafe and prepared their own fan meeting. They put up posters they made themselves, and also wrapped cookies, hot packs, recent photos and letters for fans.

As the fans entered, Hyosun shed tears even before the fan meeting started. Hyosun received cheers by saying, “We terminated our contract this year.” Yein said, “When I was asked if I would join another girl group, I said that from beginning to end, I only have our members. If I become a girl group member again, I want to do it again with the members, but things are not going well, so I’m just sorry to all of you.” Louie expressed her gratitude to the fans and members, saying, “Promoting as an idol was difficult, but there were many happy times. Although I failed more, these friends were the only ones I could share these experiences with. So I felt sorry, and I was happy.

Source: tenasia

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