“Disappear After Receiving Money” Stars Scammed by Managers They Trusted the Most

Stars have shared their heartbreaking experiences of being scammed by managers they trusted more than anyone else

On July 4th, the YouTube channel “Finally Hanhae” released a video featuring the meeting of SHINee’s Key and Hanhae, who have been loved for their chemistry on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”.

In the video, Hanhae revealed that contacting Key is difficult, to which Key confessed, “I have severe call phobia.” He admitted that he is scared of answering phone calls.

hanhae key

Hanhae surprised Key by saying, “You’re really different from me. I even answer 070 (often telemarketing calls in Korea). I’m worried I might miss something important. I can’t even hang up on them.”

Key asked, “You’ve never been scammed, right?” Hanhae then revealed, “I haven’t been scammed, but there have been times I didn’t get paid.” It turned out that he had suffered damage from his former manager.

Key expressed his sympathy, “Why do managers always do this?” Hanhae explained, “That manager borrowed 6 million won from me, promising to repay it in two days, but then disappeared.”

In another case, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was scammed by a former manager out of around 1 billion won. YG Entertainment confirmed that Lisa had been a victim of fraud by a former manager.

lisa blackpink

A representative stated, “Considering Lisa’s wish for an amicable resolution, some of the money has been repaid and a repayment plan has been agreed upon. The former manager has now left the company.”

The manager, who had been with BLACKPINK since their debut, reportedly took money from Lisa under the pretense of helping her with real estate investments but squandered it on gambling.

choo sung hoon

MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon also revealed on KBS 2TV’s “Boss in the Mirror” that he had been scammed by a close friend who was also his manager.

He shared, “I had an older brother I knew for ten years, and he offered to manage my money as my manager. I trusted him and gave him my bank account.”

He continued “But this brother took all the money I earned for six years after my debut. I wanted to buy my mother a house, but when I checked my account, there was only 200,000 won left“, shocking viewers with his story of betrayal by a long-time friend.

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