Director Under Fire for Criticizing Kim Hye-yoon’s Appearance during “Lovely Runner”

Netizens are defending leading actress Kim Hye-hoon against the comments made by “Lovely Runner” director in a recent interview. 

Despite “Lovely Runner” having concluded its impactful run, director Yoon Jong-ho of the K-drama has sparked controversy with his remarks about the lead actress, Kim Hye-yoon, during a recent interview.

Yoon Jong-ho

In particular, the director commented on Kim Hye-yoon’s appearance, saying, “Kim Hye-yoon is well-known for her excellent acting skills. However, the character Im Sol is not just about acting quality; she must also captivate the audience visually. Since viewers need to believe that Seon-jae falls in love with Im Sol at first sight, I wanted to enhance Kim Hye-yoon’s appearance. I frequently scolded her for this. For an actress whose strength lies in her acting, I asked her to improve her looks. Kim Hye-yoon followed my advice and began focusing on her appearance. Initially, she gave off a cute daughter vibe, but by the end, her charms are more womanly. I’m proud of her efforts.”

kim hye yoon

These comments have caused an uproar online, with netizens accusing director Yoon Jong-ho of being sexist and superficial, and for being critical of Kim Hye-yoon’s appearance, potentially causing her distress.

Below are some comments regarding the director’s remark: 

  • Kim Hye-yoon is a core reason for “Lovely Runner”s success, is the director serious?
  • No matter how talented a female actress is, she is still judged by her looks, while male actors are forgiven for anything as long as they’re handsome.
  • The success of “Lovely Runner” has made him delusional, unable to distinguish what should and shouldn’t be said.
  • I get mad thinking about talented and hardworking actresses like Kim Hye-yoon having to deal with this nonsense.
  • I’ve never seen a director badmouth his lead actress like this.
  • Instead of scolding Kim Hye-yoon to improve her appearance, he should scold the male actors who can’t keep up with her acting.

On the other hand, the director is also facing backlash for mentioning that Kim Hye-yoon and Byun Woo-seok could be dating in real life, despite the two previously denying this possibility. 

Source: K14, theqoo

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