Director Park Hoon Jung is back with “The Childe”…Kim Seon Ho “He’s a benefactor who teaches me every moment”

Director Park Hoon Jung is back with his new film “The Childe”.

Director Park Hoon Jung, who drew attention for the screenplays of the films “The Unjust” and “I Saw the Devil”, stood behind many successful works such as “New World”, “The Witch” and “Night in Paradise”. Through his diverse filmography, he has provided genre pleasure with his own directing style, attractive characters and intense action. Director Park Hoon Jung will visit the theaters in June with “The Childe”.

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“The Childe” tells about various forces, including a mysterious man named ‘Nobleman’ (Kim Seon Ho), appearing in front of boxing player Marco (Kang Tae Joo), who wanders around illegal boxing stadiums in the Philippines, with different purposes and chasing him madly.

kim seon ho

The actors who worked with director Park Hoon Jung for the first time through “The Childe” showed their trust in him, such as “A great director and benefactor who teaches me every moment” (actor Kim Seon Ho), “He brings out the strengths of characters and actors to the maximum” (actor Kang Tae Joo), “He makes all characters more lively” (actor Kim Kang Woo) and “He helps us focus on the scenes in a detailed yet interesting way” (actress Go Ara).

kim seon ho

The staff who worked with director Park Hoon Jung for a long time heralded the differentiated charm of “The Childe”, such as “The destructive chase scene is the hottest topic and biggest difference of this movie” (cinematographer Kim Hong Mok), “This film approached differently compared to director Park Hoon Jung’s previous noir works” (music director Mowg) and “There will definitely be a feeling of change compared to previous works” (action director Hwang Jin Mo).

“The Childe” will be released on June 21st.

Source: Daum

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