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DinDin asked to be introduced by Kim Jong Kook to his niece, Kim Jong Kook’s reaction is? 

DinDin showed interest in Kim Jong Kook’s niece Soya.

On the June 26th broadcast of SBS’ ‘My Little Old Boy‘, Nam Chang Hee was shown taking a test to join FC Tiger.

my little old boy

Nam Chang Hee was having a hard time after his game, but suddenly stood up when Kim Jong Kook’s niece Soya appeared. Previously, Nam Chang Hee revealed his crush on Soya, and that Kim Jong Kook once promised him to arrange a blind date with her. 

my little old boy

Kim Jong Kook laughed, “I didn’t call you because you asked me to introduce you to Soya”, and Nam Chang Hee said while being embarrassed, “You should have told me. She’s suddenly here today.” DinDin also showed interest in Soya, saying, “I also asked him (Kim Jong Kook) to introduce me.

my little old boy

When Kim Jong Kook asked Soya about her ideal type, Soya replied, “A kind and caring person. I look at about 5 out of 10 for appearance. Uncle (Kim Jong Kook)’s score is 8.9? Overall, he’s cool.” Nam Chang Hee then flattered Jong Kook, not Soya, by saying, “Isn’t Jong Kook Korean men’s wannabe?”, making him laugh.

my little old boy

When DinDin brought her a drink, Soya said, “My heart is racing a little,” DinDin boldly expressed his affection, “She is similar to my ideal type,” and Soya showed a favorable response, saying, “But why is my heart pounding?” to which Kim Jong Kook bluntly said, “You shouldn’t date a guy like him.”

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