Did Taeyang sell the shoes G-Dragon gave him for $40,000? “I have them safely at home”

BIGBANG Taeyang showed off his volubility.

On May 6th, the web entertainment show “TheKstarNextDoor 3” uploaded a video titled “Did Taeyang sell the shoes G-Dragon gave him for $40,000?”.


Jonathan referred to Taeyang as “K-flimsy guy” and asked, “K-stubborn. You insist on taking your top off often and unshaved armpits. If you look at the picture, for idols these days, shaved armpits are the trend. Is there a reason you don’t shave your armpits?” Taeyang replied, “I see. Then, I’m sorry. Back then, unshaved armpits were okay. It was considered cool. Like a tough guy. It’s not that I was stubborn. It was in a natural state without any trimming.”

Jonathan joked, “I heard that the limited edition shoes GD gave to 88 people were sold for $40,000 recently.” Taeyang was surprised, saying, “Did someone sell them?” Jonathan continued, “Perhaps it could be Taeyang.” Taeyang caused laughter as he hurriedly explained, “If I sold them, I’m not even a flimsy guy. That’s just the worst guy. That’s ridiculous. I have them safely at home.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang made a comeback with his new EP album “Down to Earth” on April 25th.

Source: nate

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