“Decision to Leave” wins big at the Critics Choice Awards, Best Actor/Actress goes to Jung Woo Sung and Tang Wei

Director Park Chan Wook’s film “Decision to Leave” is chosen as Best Picture of the year by film critics.

The 42nd Critics Choice Awards ceremony was held at 5 p.m. today (Nov 23rd) at the KBIZ Hall of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business in Yeouido, Seoul. The Critics Choice Awards started in 1980 as an award given annually by the Korean Association of Film Critics to outstanding films and filmmakers of the year.

Decision to Leave

The Awards announced the winner of the 42nd Critics Choice Awards. “Decision to Leave” won six awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Park Chan-wook), Best Screenplay (Jeong Seo-kyung), and Best Actress (Tang Wei).

The Best Actor is given to actor Jung Woo-sung, who performed enthusiastically in “Hunt,” and the Best Supporting Actor went to Cho Woo-jin of “King Maker.” The Best Actress  went to Tang Wei of “Decision to Leave” and the Best Supporting Actress went to Jeon Hye-jin of “Hunt.”

jung woo sung

Lee Jung-jae wins the Rookie Director of the Year Award for his directing debut film ‘Hunt’. Lee Ji-eun (IU) of “Broker” won the Rookie Actress of the Year award, and Son Seok-gu of “The Roundup” won the Rookie Actor of the Year award.

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Director Kim Han-min’s “Hanshan” wins the Technology Award (Visual Effect). The filming and music awards were given to “Decision to Leave.” As a result, “Decision to Leave” was honored with six awards. The Rookie Review Award went to Kim Hyun-seung.

Actor Ahn Sung-ki wins the Meritorious Film Award. Actor Ahn was born in 1952 and has been a living witness in the history of Korean cinema since his debut in 1957 with director Kim Ki-young’s film “Twilight Train” at the age of only five. Accordingly, the Korean Film Critics Association selected actor Ahn Sung-ki for this year’s Achievement Film Award in recognition of his contribution.

ahn sung ki

The winners of the 42nd Critics Choice Awards by the Korea Film Critics Association

Best Picture: <Decision to Leave> (Moho Film Co., Ltd.)

Meritorious Film Award: Actor Ahn Sung-ki

Director Award: Park Chan-wook <Decision to Leave>

Best Actress: Tang Wei <Decision to Leave>

Best Actor: Jung Woo-sung <Hunt>

Best Supporting Actress: Jeon Hye-jin <Hunt>

Best Supporting Actor: Cho Woo-jin <King Maker>

Best New Director: Lee Jung-jae <Hunt>

Best New Actress: Lee Ji-eun <Broker>

Best New Actor: Son Seok-gu <The Roundup>

Technology: Jung Sung-jin, Jung Chul-min (visual effect) <Hansan: Rise of the Dragon>

Screenplay Award: Seo Jeong-kyung, Park Chan-wook <Decision to Leave>

International Federation of Critics’ Korea Headquarters Award: Domestic Sector_Shin Yeon-sik <Casioppeia>/ Overseas Sector_Kogonada <After Miss>, Justin Jeon <Blue Lake>

Filming Award: Kim Ji-yong <Decision to Leave>

Music Award: Cho Young-wook <Decision to Leave>

Independent Film Support Award: Director Kim Dong-ryeong of <Pregnant Tree and Goblin>, Director Park Kyung-tae/Director Lee Il-ha of <More>

Rookie Review Award: Kim Hyun-seung

Source: daum

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