Dangerous situation of a dog witnessed by Taeyeon’s makeup artist (ft. video) 

Makeup artist Seo Ok rescued an abandoned dog that was running on the road.

Famous makeup artist Seo Ok posted on her Instagram on July 24th, saying, “I found a dog running on National Highway 45 in Toechon-myeon from 11:30 to 12 pm. It looked dangerous, so I stopped the car and approached it, and it came to me right away. The dog likes people so much, and still looks young.”


In the video that she shared, a small dog was running dangerously on the road where there are many moving cars as if it was looking for its owner. 

Seo Ok added, “To help the dog, I went to a nearby animal hospital and checked the chip with other people who were reporting missing dogs, but there was no chip. There are no other identification tags, so it is currently being protected at the veterinary hospital.”

She continued, “If the owner cannot be found today, the hospital will contact the abandoned dog shelter tomorrow, and adoption will be possible, so please keep an eye on it”. 

Netizens left comments, “I’m worried that someone abandoned the dog”, “I think there is an owner because there is a bell”, “I hope the owner will be found soon”, “I’m worried that there is a risk of euthanasia if the dog is sent to an abandoned shelter.” 

Meanwhile, Seo Ok runs the hair and makeup salon Oui Oui Atelier where many K-pop idols come to. She is a well-known makeup artist who worked with numerous female celebrities such as BoA, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Yoona, NMIXX, fromis_9, and actress Lee Ji Ah.

Source: wikitree

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