Daesung Talks About Inviting G-Dragon To His YouTube Content, “Let’s See The Timing”

BIG BANG member Daesung explained the possibility of G-Dragon appearing on his YouTube program “Zip Daesung”

On May 24th, Daesung uploaded on his YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” a video titled, “Daesung going outside the hotel (in Osaka)”.

When asked who he contacted the most often lately, Daesung said, “These days, it’s just my manager. I’m in the middle of touring and such, that’s why”. 


He added, “My second latest contact was Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name). A few days ago, his acquaintance got vocal cord nodules. I’m an expert on nodules. I told him everything including hospital recommendations.”

When asked about updates on BIGBANG, Daesung shared, “This is what happened, guys. And someday, maybe that will happen again? That will happen. I cannot say anything specifically. What I’m saying now does not speak for the other members of BIGBANG. In the current circumstances, we are doing our best in our individual activities, and in the not too far future, I hope there will be a stage we can stand on together”.

When asked if BIGBANG has a group chat, Daesung said, “There is, but the group chat is for giving feedback on each other’s activities and cheering each other on. After watching ‘Zip Daesung’, Jiyong texted that group chat that ‘Zip Daesung is fun’, ‘Let’s see the timing’… I gave him a call. I explained the outline of ‘Zip Daesung’, which does not make the guest uncomfortable. He completely understood and replied, ‘Let’s see the timing’”.

BIGBANG debuted in 2006 and released numerous hit songs such as “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, “Bang Bang Bang”, etc. In 2017 T.O.P was accused of smoking cannabis while doing military service as a police officer. In 2019, Seungri left the group and retired from the entertainment industry after being identified as a main figure in the Burning Sun Scandal.

BIGBANG released the song “Still Life” as a group of four members without Seungri in April 2022 and has been on a hiatus since then. Currently, T.O.P has also withdrawn from the group, while only Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Daesung remain as BIGBANG.

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