Daesung reacts to Taeyang and Jimin’s collaboration, shows unchanging BIGBANG friendship

BIGBANG member Daesung showed support by making a reaction video to Taeyang’s new song “VIBE” (ft. Jimin of BTS).

On January 16th, Daesung uploaded a video titled “TAEYANG-VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)ㅣMV REACTION” on his YouTube channel D’splay.

In the video, Daesung started by saying, “Today, I’m going to be reacting to Taeyang’s new music video “VIBE”. Let’s get right into it! I’m very nervous myself, too!”

Then, as the music video started, Daesung exclaimed, “Wow! What is this? I see Taeyang’s perfect body from the start. And I can also see his passion as well.. His move is still so perfect! His groove is absolutely artistic..”

Daesung Taeyang
Daesung Taeyang

During BTS Jimin’s part, Daesung covered his face with both hands, saying, “Wow! Jimin from BTS! His voice is perfect. As well as his dance and the way he looks at the camera. He’s definitely attractive.”

Regarding Taeyang and Jimin’s appearance together, Daesung cracked up the audience by saying, “Taeyang and Jimin’s two-shot! It’s so amazing to see these two in one frame! This VIBE is unbelievable!”

Daesung Taeyang
Daesung Taeyang

Finally, Daesung concluded, “After watching this video, there is one word came across my head.

VI.BE. as in V(B)ravo. It’s absolutely cool and incredible. Please support TY and Jimin’s new song and their following movement!”

Daesung Taeyang

Meanwhile, Daesung, like Taeyang, ended his contract with YG Entertainment at the end of last year without renewing it. Taeyang moved his agency to The Black Label and made a comeback with “VIBE” on January 13th.

Source: Naver

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