Current whereabouts of the 2PM member who made his acting debut in the famous sitcom “High Kick!”

Hwang Chansung of “High Kick!” is now a husband and father-to-be. 


“High Kick!” released in 2006 is a legendary Korean comedy sitcom. Taking on a minor but memorable role, 2PM’s Hwang Chansung successfully made his acting debut in “High Kick!”. He played Chansung, a rebellious high school student. Chansung is initially one of Yunho‘s (Jung Il Woo) rivals but later insists on being Yunho’s best friend. He doesn’t know anything but Yunho. Along with Yoo Mi and Kim Bum, Chan Sung often hangs out at the Lee family’s house

Chansung and the young cast of “High Kick!” 16 years ago 

After achieving success with “High Kick!”, Chansung focused more on his singing career as a member of 2PM. Since 2011, he has been active as both an actor and an idol. His latest role was in the 2021 mystery drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”.

Chansung in “Show Window: The Queen’s House”

Regarding his personal life, at the age 32, Chansung is becoming a husband and father. He announced marriage plans to his commoner girlfriend and her pregnancy at the end of last year. 

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