Current status of a 5-year trainee who was expelled from JYP along with Hani

EXID member – actress Park Jeong Hwa declared her start as an “almighty entertainer”.

On Dec 1st, the agency J Wide Company released several new profile pictures of Park Jeong Hwa.

In the photos, Park Jeong Hwa makes people look forward to her wide range of work activities by digesting from sophisticated mood to fresh and lovely appearance.


As Park Jeong Hwa’s profile pictures were released, her active moves across the screen, home theater and stage raise people’s anticipation for the upcoming 2023.

Park Jeong Hwa played the role of announcer Park So Yi in SBS’ drama “One the Woman” last year, drawing attention from viewers with her confident charm as well as character digestive power.


Park Jeong Hwa also received favorable reviews for completing her role in a three-dimensional manner with her vibrant energy when participating in the play “Special Liar”.

In addition, she played the role of “Bo Ra” and challenged the comic genre for the first time in the movie “Handsome Guys”, which is about to be released. She has recently been cast in the lead role of the movie “FEVER”, raising fans’ expectations once again.


In the movie, Park Jeong Hwa will take on the role of former professional soccer player Ha Young. She is expected to gradually expand her acting spectrum with a unique character that she has never shown before.

Park Jeong Hwa, who is solidifying her position as an actress through various works, has been making nonstop moves, including album activities last September.


As attention was paid to Park Jeong Hwa, who is truly an “all-rounder”, anecdotes from her past trainee days at JYP Entertainment surfaced.

When appearing on an entertainment show in the past, Park Jeong Hwa surprised listeners by mentioning, “I was a trainee at JYP for 5 years along with Hani. We were kicked out together.


According to an interview with a media outlet, Jeong Hwa said that she attended an acting academy when she was 10 years old and worked as a child actress before auditioning for JYP and becoming a trainee at the age of 12.

Having spent all of her elementary and middle school years at JYP, Park Jeong Hwa confessed the reason she debuted as an idol, “At first, I wanted to become an actress, but after living as a trainee, singing and dancing were so fun that I wanted to become a singer.


Although Jeong Hwa was kicked out of JYP Entertainment, she debuted as a member of EXID and became a rookie actress who received love calls from various works. It seems that she was reborn as an actress whose future works are expected.

Source: Daum

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