Corporal Kang Tae Oh performs at Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony

Actor Kang Tae Oh presented a commemorative performance at the 68th Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony.

On the morning of June 6th (Memorial Day), the 68th Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony was held at the National Cemetery in Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

Kang Tae Oh took the podium as a representative of the Army and presented a commemorative performance called “The Memo Of A 21-Year-Old”. Prior to the performance, the subtitle “Corporal Kim Yoon Hwan (Kang Tae Oh’s real name)” appeared.

Kang Tae Oh then read the story of the late Private Lee Hak Soo, a veteran who had a shell fragment lodged in his head during the battle in the Jangdanji area of the 6.25 Korean War and passed away in 2005.

Kang Tae Oh he Memo Of A 21YearOld

Showing up in public after a long time, Kang Tae Oh showcased a more dignified appearance. He gave off a strong and manly atmosphere with a mark that reads “The Republic of Korea Army Assistance” on his left chest. With his calm and low voice, Kang Tae Oh left a deep impression when reading Private Lee Hak Soo’s memoir. After his speech, he saluted with a sharp pose and went down the podium.

Kang Tae Oh enlisted at the Army Training Center’s Infantry Division 37 on September 20th last year, and began his military service as an active-duty soldier. Later, he was selected as an assistant at the training center. The actor is scheduled to complete his duty and get discharged in March 2024.

Source: Nate

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