Controversial “Psy’s SUMMER SWAG”… Sexual harassment text message this time?

Singer Psy (real name Park Jae-sang)’s “SUMMER SWAG 2022” was recently held in Yeosu. Controversy has arisen over sexual harassment remarks in a text message sent to employees by Yeosu city bus officials.

On August 6th, Psy‘s “SUMMER SWAG 2022” was held at Jinnam Sports Complex in Yeosu for 3 hours.

In this regard, a city bus transportation company in Yeosu sent a text message to its employees, “This is a guide from the sales department. Due to Psy’s concert today, the terminal area has been very crowded since the afternoon. It is also said that they will spray water and make a fuss until late. Please be careful when carrying passengers as it is very slippery.”

The company added, “Slim ladies from all over the country are gathering (30,000 people), so think of it as a feast for your eyes and work hard today.”

As this guide message spread through various online communities, netizens criticized, “Are you openly looking at women?”, “The level is terrible” and “Why is SUMMER SWAG so controversial this time?”

Afterwards, the Gwangju Maeil Newspaper quoted an official from the transportation company and reported, “The employee who sent the text message is aware of the problem and acknowledged his/her mistake.” However, no specific countermeasures have been mentioned.

Earlier, a series of reviews were posted on various online communities that they tested positive for COVID-19 after attending Psy’s “SUMMER SWAG”. On August 2nd, a Mongolian man in his 20s fell 15m and passed away as he worked on removing a light tower that had previously been installed for “SUMMER SWAG” at Gangneung Stadium, Gangwon.

Source: nate

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