“Kind Jung Hae-in, cute Go Kyung-pyo”… “Connect” Japanese director Takashi Miike announced his first entry into Korea

Japanese director Takashi Miike will enter into Korea for the first time through “Connect” starring Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Hye-jun.

A press conference for Disney+’s original series “Connect” was held on Oct 7th at the Grand Josun Hotel Busan in Haeundae, Busan. Director Takashi Miike, Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Hye-jun attended.

“Connect” depicts a mysterious story that occurs when a man who has been deprived of a part of his body by organ hunters connects with a person who has received an organ transplant. It was officially invited to the “Onscreen” section of the 27th Busan International Film Festival and is scheduled to premiere through Disney+ in December.

Jung Hae-in, who has shown solid acting skills in various genres, will play the role of “Dong-soo”, who chases a serial killer to regain his lost eye, showing the most unconventional acting transformation in filmography history. Go Kyung-pyo, who boasts perfect synchronization for each role he plays, will present a cool performance that has never been seen before in the role of “Jin-seop”, who stands against Jung Hae-in. Besides, actress Kim Hye-jun, who is expanding her acting spectrum with active work activities, is expected to add interest to the work by portraying the mysterious character “I-rang” in a unique way.

At the same time, Japanese director Takashi Miike, who is considered one of the masters of genre films, heralds the birth of a hot work with his extraordinary Mise-en-Scène and unique directing.

At the press conference, director Takashi Miike joked, “When I first received a request to direct ‘Connect’ from the production company Studio Dragon, I wondered if I was going to do ‘Crash Landing on You 2’. But that wasn’t it.” He went on to say, “I didn’t expect to be invited to the festival with an OTT series. It’s so grateful and amazing. Considering that the Busan International Film Festival also invited OTT series, I think the form of meeting the audience will change more in the future.”

Regarding his first entry into Korea through Disney+’s “Connect”, the director shared, “There was a visa problem due to the influence of COVID-19, but it was amazing to be able to work through video connection. I also talked to actor Jung Hae-in through video call meetings. I wondered if it would be possible to do a work in this situation, but actor Jung Hae-in said, ‘I’m on the director’s side no matter what happens, and I hope you can do whatever you want.’ It gave me a lot of strength. The work was completed more smoothly without stress than in Japan.”

When asked “How was the work with the actors?“, the director praised, “Actor Jung Hae-in is dedicated to the series. He’s kind to all the staff. I felt relieved whenever actor Jung Hae-in came to the scene. I received a lot of strength. Go Kyung-pyo is sometimes late. But I couldn’t hate that part because it was cute. He’s a well balanced actor.”

Regarding Kim Hye-jun, the director said, “She’s an actress who expresses her role well. She acts naturally so that she can be seen as she is, not acting. Kim Hye-joon doesn’t need cosplay or props. She always does well on her own.”

On the other hand, when asked “Was it difficult to act with an eye patch on one eye?”, Jung Hae-in, who plays the role of “Dong-soo”, who pursues a serial killer to regain his lost eye, replied, “It was. I sometimes took off the eye patch during the filming, but my eyesight decreased a bit since I was acting with an eye patch on.”

He added, “I was dizzy, and there were several dangerous moments because I didn’t feel the sense of distance properly as I was wearing an eye patch when filming action scenes. However, I remember how well I got through as I worked in perfect harmony with other actors and rehearsed a lot.”

Kim Hye-jun, who plays the mysterious character “I-rang”, said, “I tried action even though I lacked. I’m also looking forward to that part.”

Source: daum

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