Composer expresses admiration for Lee Hyo Ri, “Not many celebrities can be like her. She is truly born to be a star”

Composer Crazy Music talked about the public’s reactions to singer Lee Hyo Ri’s recent activities.

The June 2nd broadcast of SBS PowerFM Radio’s “Kim Young Chul’s PowerFM” featured the guest appearance of composer Crazy Music.


That day, Crazy Music prepared some songs by Fin.K.L under the theme of learning about K-pop.

Mentioning Lee Hyo Ri, he said, “I often watch Youtube shorts these days, and videos of Lee Hyo Ri performing at university festivals after such a long time are hot topics”.


The composer continued, “She sang her hit songs, such as ‘Hey Girl’ and ‘10 Minutes’, at a university festival. When I read the comments under the video, they all poured explosive reactions, like ‘Lee Hyo Ri is a perfect example of a person born to be a star, ‘I never get tired of watching her performance. Not many celebrities can do that’, ‘She looks just like when ‘10 Minutes’ was first released in 2003. She’s a real vampire’, etc.”

He added, “In fact, when I saw her videos, I thought ‘She’s crazy’. Each member is still doing well so it seems like ‘Forever Love’ is still loved by so many people”.

Source: Daum

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