“Cleaning poop…” An episode with SEVENTEEN Seungkwan that TWICE Momo can never forget

TWICE Momo (real name: Hirai Momo) confessed that she received unexpected help from SEVENTEEN Seungkwan (real name: Boo Seungkwan).

The first episode video of the web entertainment show “The Kstar Next Door 2” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Diggle” on Sep 3rd.

On this day, MC Jonathan took the first step in season 2 with TWICE Momo, Nayeon and Sana.

In the process of introducing Momo, he mentioned a past anecdote, “You gave trauma to SEVENTEEN Seungkwan.”

Regarding this, Momo explained, “TWICE and SEVENTEEN had similar schedules at the beginning of our debut. Seungkwan joked to us when we just made our debut. He said, ‘If our schedule overlaps this much, let’s discuss and come out together.’ I just looked at him because I didn’t know what he meant.”

When Jonathan asked “You didn’t see him after that?”, Nayeon, who was next to Momo, made a shocking statement, “But Seungkwan cleaned our dog’s poop.”

It turns out that the two of them happened to visit the same restaurant once. While TWICE left their puppy at the restaurant and had a meal, Seungkwan cleaned the dog’s excrement.

Regarding the situation at that time, they said, “After Seungkwan cleaned everything, we saw that. That dog’s name is Boo. And he’s Boo Seungkwan.”

Jonathan made everyone burst into laughter as he asked, “Weren’t you guys close? Weren’t you guys close from before?”

Finally, Momo confessed, “Seungkwan, sorry for causing your trauma and thanks for cleaning the poop.

Source: dispatch

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