CL reveals a screenshot of her video call with “Ji-yong oppa” BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

2NE1’s CL (Lee Chae-rin) showed off her strong friendship with BIG BANG’s G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong).

CL posted a photo on her Instagram on April 21st without a caption. The released picture was captured during CL’s video call with G-Dragon, who was doing a V-sign with a cigarette in his mouth. CL is seen together with designer Alexander Wang. What caught the eyes of netizens was that CL saved G-Dragon’s name as “Ji-yong oppa”.

G-Dragon CL

Internet users on SNS sites and online communities who saw this post commented, “They’re still close to each other”, “So cute. She saves his number as ‘Ji-yong’s oppa’”, and “I want to see you two on the stage again”, etc.

G-Dragon CL

CL and G-Dragon spent such a long time working together under YG Entertainment. Even after CL moved to another agency, the two continue to maintain their close friendship.

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