Circulating videos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie dancing in Hawaii make fans long for the group’s comeback even more

It has been more than 500 days without any new music together, but the BLACKPINK girls are still extremely hot, especially when they take turns gracing the covers of the magazine once a month. Recently covered in the Korean media are Jisoo and Jennie, even without new music they will still be on the top idols with fashion news. Many netizens jokingly call the 4 YG girls a group of models who sing.

BLACKPINK Jennie dancing in Hawaii
The 4 girls have no new music together, but when they star on magazine covers, no one can surpass their fame.

Appearing at the Chanel show in Paris not long ago, Jennie is already seen in another faraway place. This time, the destination of BLACKPINK’s main rapper is Hawaii, to support her close friend, fashion designer Jacquemus Simon Porte, to organize the show. Immediately, her pictures and videos are circulating on social media. 

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Jennie was present at the Jacquemus show to support her best friend

In the West, Jennie is especially liberal and sexier than usual. In a boldly cut pink outfit, she stands out and makes fans mesmerized by her supreme visual. But the fact that Jennie is beautiful is not new now, what makes Jennie’s name covered on social media today is the videos of her hanging loose at the show. 

Jennie dancing freely with her friends
The video makes BLINKs’ hearts skip a beat because Jennie is too sexy

The two videos of Jennie dancing at the Jacquemus posted by guests at the show were re-posted by BLINKs, making Jennie viral on social networks today. Seeing Jennie dancing to the music with the Hawaiian spirit like this, fans are even more eager for YG to let her once film a MV with a sexy concept, and her horseback riding on a beach while wearing a bikini, which is what Jennie really wants to do. 

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Beautiful and charismatic are not enough to describe Jennie in these moments
Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Absolute charisma points

YG, Jennie and Hawaii look so good together, why not make an MV right away? 

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Hawaii is beautiful and hot, and so is BLINK’s Jennie
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