Chuu reveals the habit she had during LOONA’s activities

Chuu drew attention as she talked about the habit she had when she was active as a member of the girl group LOONA.

Chuu talked about her habit when working as a girl group member in a recently released video on the Youtube channel “FUNGO STUDIO”

Together with singers Lee Chae Yeon and Jo Kwon, who appeared as guests, Chuu presented a mukbang (eating show) with pork belly, rice cooked with bean sprouts and shrimp dumplings. Chef Lee Won Il cooked the dishes for the guests.

While eating, MC Lee Teuk said, “It’s not easy to carry out activities as a girl group member or a female solo singer in Korea”, adding “You can’t eat what you want. You have to hold yourself back and always worry about how you look on the screen. I thought about that since a long time ago”. At that time, Chuu was suddenly caught on the screen munching shrimp dumplings so she got embarrassed and burst out laughing.

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Lee Teuk continued, “When I saw friends who were active in my era eat too little, I asked them why they didn’t eat. They told me that they were worried about gaining weight or their face getting swollen so they had to carefully manage their diet.”

Chuu said, “I don’t know if it is a kind of habit to hold the bowl while eating rice, and if Chaeyeon is like that too, but I’m afraid someone will take my bowl away. It’s become a habit since I’m in a girl group. I feel anxious when I put the bowl down and it’s far from my body”.


Chuu debuted in 2017 as a member of LOONA. Her former agency, Block Berry Creative, accused Chuu of abusive language and abuse of power. On November 25th, she was expelled from LOONA.

Regarding the claim, Chuu said, “I have not been contacted or know anything about the ongoing circumstances, but what is clear is that I have never done anything to embarrass my fans. I will speak again as soon as my position is decided in the future.”

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