“Choi Jong-hoon is in prison, how are you sleeping?” and Lee Hong-ki’s reaction

FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki has been in the spotlight for his cool reply. He posted a picture on Instagram on the 30th.

He seems to have traveled somewhere. The trees are thick under the blue sky next to which he posed merrily.

One netizen commented, “While you are enjoying Hawaii with your stylist, Jong-hoon is in jail. Are you okay? Are you sleeping well?

Lee Hong-ki then proudly answered this awkward question: “I’m eating well, sleeping well, and pooping well.

Choi Jong-hoon was from FT Island, and recently announced his leaving the team. He’s under arrest on a charge of raping.

He was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting with people from his Kakaotalk chat rooms in 2016 which including Jung Joon-young.

Meanwhile, the FTIsland has recently been reorganized from a five-member to a four-member group. They will hold a concert from the 29th to 30th next month.

Source: Dispatch

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