[BTS in London] Immigration Office staff: “All the Koreans come here to see BTS”

The ARMYs on the English subway, they can be regconized with the stickers on the suitcase.

England, The Beatles’ country, was on fire with BTS fever. Even the immigration officer at Heathrow Airport used to ask about “BTS” whenever he saw a Korean.

[BTS in London] Immigration Office staff: "All the Koreans come here to see BTS"

Ahead of BTS’ performance at the Wembley Stadium on June 1 (local time), many ARMYs were spotted at London Heathrow Airport . Finding the ARMY is surprisingly simple. They have various “goods” purchased in Seoul or put stickers of BTS’ characters on their suitcases.

An ARMY holds a passport case designed with BTS logo. The nail design is also BTS’ logo.

[BTS in London] Immigration Office staff: "All the Koreans come here to see BTS"

After arriving on an Asiana flight from Seoul to London, female office workers in their 30s were excited to say that they had taken a leave of absence from work to see BTS.

Working in different departments of the same company, they took a similar time off to watch BTS perform at Wembley Stadium and came to England together.

We couldn’t buy the tickets for Seoul concert but managed to book tickets for the concert at Wembley Stadium so we came together,” they said. “As the company doesn’t know, we should never be exposed.”

One of them used a passport case made with the BTS logo and had her nails designed in BTS’ style.

Another group of ARMY, who came from Seoul, Cheongju and Busan, respectively, spent about 3 million won for tickets and travel fee. They will watch both performances at Wembley Stadium on July 1 and 2. A ticket costs around 300,000 won. It’s not a cheap price at 600,000 won for two days’ performance.

They said “We had a lot of difficulties because we had to book the tickets on a foreign site”, and added “Some of the ARMY would watch a concert at Wembley Stadium and then go to Paris by Eurostar to watch the concert at Stade de France in Paris.

When a plane from Korea arrived, a British immigration officer would ask “BTS?” whenever he saw a Korean. Koreans will be subject to the automatic entry screening system from May 20, but if they fail to scan their passports, they will have to meet the management office staff. Whenever he saw a Korean, the official at the management office laughed and asked, “BTS?” and said, “All Koreans here are here because of BTS.” “My colleagues love BTS,” he said and added “I hope you’ll enjoy the concert.”

With Britain occupied by ARMYs, BTS will appear on a live broadcast of “British Got Talent” on May 31 to celebrate with the song “Boy With Luv.” They will then meet the European ARMY with “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert at Wembley Stadium in London on June 1-2. 120,000 tickets for the two-day concert were sold out.

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