Chinese highschool students goes viral for mash-up cover of 2NE1’s hits

A clip of highschool students dancing to 2NE1 songs is receiving plenty of praise from netizens. 

Alongside the trend of covering Kpop dances, youngsters are also trying their hands at making choreographies for their favorite Kpop songs.

Following this trend, a group of high school students from Shenzhen, China, has recently published a video of them dancing to a mashup of 2NE1’s songs. The video, which features spectacular dance moves, is gaining attention from the internet. 

The clip, which is going viral across the net. 

Despite only being in highschool, these students danced like true professionals with strong and precise movements, as well as insane synchronization. Their bodylines while dancing was also super eye-catching, and the background music consisting of Fire, Comeback Home, I Am The Best, and other 2NE1 tracks, only added to the heat.  

The students were super synchronized and precise…

Netizens also praised the group for wearing their school sports uniform, which was fitting for their age. These students really proved that they didn’t need flashy clothes to be outstanding. 

…and their dancing abilities were no less than profession idols

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Great dancing and age-appropriate clothes, so that’s a thumb-up from me. Students should look like students. 
  • 2NE1’s music is really timeless, and the kids are lit!
  • That 2nd center is the best. Seriously, there’s no difference from an idol. 
  • I literally cannot find any flaw in this performance
  • Wow, that is insane. See, you don’t have to wear sexy clothes, sport uniforms are fine. 
  • Synchronized and precise… These kids have some serious talent.
  • Never fond of China but there are a lot of talented people there it seems. Their dancing totally wooed me. 
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