Chinese blogger spread rumors that EXO former member Kris Wu was officially sentenced to 17 years in prison 

The news that Kris Wu was sentenced to 17 years in prison is causing a stir in public opinion.

The news creating a stir among Chinese fans today (April 8) is the prison sentence believed to be imposed on Kris Wu for his series of scandals.  The public is extremely surprised and questioning whether this is official news or not.

kris wu

A few bloggers familiar with the entertainment industry suddenly posted information saying: “The famous male star has been sentenced to 17 years in prison”. Immediately, netizens left many comments speculating that the character in this news is Wu Yifan – the male star who is being detained for suspicion of rape.

kris wu
The rumors are causing a stir in public opinion

Currently, this is still unverified information. There has not been any official statement from the authorities about the shocking scandal of Kris Wu. The public is still paying high attention to the scandal of adultery and rape of the A-list star Cbiz.

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