Chen Feiyu and Kris Wu’s uncanny similarities: from visual and style to leaked pics in bed

Kris Wu suddenly becomes the talk of town amid Chen Feiyu’s controversy of leaked photos in bed. 

On February 13th, Chinese netizens were buzzing at the series of leaked photos of Chen Feiyu (also known as Arthur Chen) and a hot influencer in C-biz. Amidst the ongoing controversy, fans still brought Kris Wu (also known as Wu Yifan) up because of the uncanny similarities between him and Chen Feiyu. 

Similar visuals 

In his early days of debut, Chen Feiyu has constantly been compared with Kris Wu, from their similar facial features to the aloof aura. That was why, before the scandal, many C-netizens called Chen Feiyu the “Next Kris Wu.” 

When Kris Wu went to jail for his rape charges, some Weibo bloggers even wrote that Chen Feiyu would continue his “legacies.” Nonetheless, Feiyu’s fans were not always pleasant with the comparison, especially when the one their idol was compared with had been embroiled in many controversies. 

Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
Many audience members called Chen Feiyu “the Next Kris Wu” because of his similar charisma and facial features to Kris Wu 

Similar styles 

On the same night of the leak, Weibo was filled with comparison photos of Chen Feiyu and Kris Wu where the former was spotted following the latter in both poses to outfits and accessories. Fans reasoned that, while Kris Wu ended up behind bars, he was still a powerful figure in the field back then. Therefore it was reasonable if Chen Feiyu wanted to imitate his style and mannerisms. 

However, many fans still strongly defend Chen Feiyu, claiming that as an actor who focuses on his images, he also has to constantly change style, leading to unwanted coincidences. All of the aforementioned styling are in no means intentional, they said. 

Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
Netizens once accused Chen Feiyu of copying Kris Wu’s pose and clothes 
Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
Chen Feiyu was even accused of imitating the smiling style of Kris Wu, but these allegations are mostly considered over-reactions from anti-fans. 

Received guidance from Ronald Wong 

Both Chen Feiyu and Kris Wu used to work with famous producer and manager Ronald Wong. Under the guidance of Ronald Wong, both male artists earned the chances to star in notable projects. In fact, it is known that Ronald Wong played a huge part in the success of many other Chinese stars, including Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Liying. 

Huang Ben
Famous producer and manager Ronald Wong (left) guided both Chen Feiyu and Kris Wu

Even similar leaked pics in bed

After Chen Feiyu’s photos in bed got leaked, various bloggers on Chinese SNS Weibo have brought up previously leaked photos of Kris Wu, who was also in bed. Here, the similar appearances of the two celebrities garner great interest, with some netizens saying if not for the different image quality, they would mistake Kris Wu and Chen Feiyu with each other, even believing that both photos belong to the same person. 

Wu Yi Fan Chen Feiyu
The leaked photos of Kris Wu and Chen Feiyu

Kris Wu’s photos first emerged in 2016 from a Weibo account. Immediately, the photos became a hot topic, though Kris Wu’s fans insisted that the man in the photo was not their idol. Nevertheless, the public believes otherwise, with an even firmer conviction after Kris Wu’s various sex controversies. 

Source: Sina, Weibo, k14

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