Challenging a villain role, Lee Jun Hyuk gave a spoiler ahead of “The Outlaws 3” premiere

Actor Lee Jun Hyuk gave a spoiler about the upcoming movie “The Outlaws 3”, in which he plays a villain role.

On April 26th, Allure Korea released the May issue containing Lee Jun Hyuk’s pictorials.


Lee Jun Hyuk is expected to showcase a new face that has never been seen before as he takes on the role of the villain Joo Seong Cheol in the upcoming Season 3 of the famous series “The Outlaws”, which is set to premiere May 31st.

Before the movie release, he revealed his dark charm through a photoshoot. In the released pictorials, Lee Jun Hyuk wore a black leather jacket and overwhelmed fans with his intense gaze. In the full-body cut, the actor showed off his perfect body proportions in an all-black outfit while exuding his charisma with a sharp expression. Just by staring into the camera, Lee Jun Hyuk exuded a thrilling aura, making viewers anticipate his new character Joo Seong Cheol.

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In the interview conducted during the photoshoot, Lee Jun Hyuk revealed the reason he appeared in “The Outlaws 3”. He said, “About a year ago, while I was driving, I received a phone call from senior actor Ma Dong Seok. It even was before the release of ‘The Outlaws 2’, and he said that they were planning to make ‘The Outlaws 3’. He asked me to join, and when I asked him about my character, he simply said, ‘A villain’. Without any further discussion, I agreed with the offer right away.”

Expressing his belief in “The Outlaws” series, the actor shared, “In some way, I was touched by the story. Among numerous actors, he specifically chose me for the role. Hollywood actors sometimes talk about how they were offered a role with just one phone call, and now I’m so proud to be able to say that I experienced it too.”


When asked about the difference between “The Outlaws 3” Joo Seong Cheol and other villains in Seasons 1 and 2, Lee Jun Hyuk replied, “If Jang Chen (Yoon Gye Sang) and Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Gu) were beast-like villains, Joo Seong Cheol thinks strategically rather than relying on his instincts. He designs and plans before he acts, and he can stand up confidently in front of Detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok)”. The actor also revealed that he focused on increasing the size of his muscles to perfectly digest Joo Seong Cheol.

Regarding how he changed while immersing himself in his character, he said, “I think that the process of changing my physique and exercising is also a process of accepting the character into me. This time, I filled my emotions with the feelings of an ‘insider’ rather than an ‘outsider’”, adding “Joo Seong Cheol is not a person who easily bends. If I had to compare him to an animal, he’s like a bison”.


“The Outlaws 3”, which drew attention by announcing the casting of Lee Jun Hyuk, depicts detective Ma Seok Do chasing new drug criminals after moving to Gwangsu Street in Seoul.

With his solid acting skills, Lee Jun Hyuk is expected to raise the tension and increase viewers’ immersion as the new villain in “The Outlaws 3” confronting the monster detective Ma Seok Do.

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