Cha Woo-rim, a Buddhist monk who was from Miss Korea: “My husband died, my son is sick”

Cha Woo-rim confessed the reason why she became a monk. 

MBN’s “Special World,” which aired on Jan 13th, revealed the story of a monk who used to be a contestant from Miss Korea. 

Cha Woo-rim

In 1994, Cha Woo-rim, a Miss Korea’s Incheon representative, participated in the pageant with Sung Hyun-ah and Han Sung-joo. Since then, she has lived a splendid life as a model. 

She is currently living in a rock cave where she could not even stretch her back properly, which is part of her 6-month training. “I have a lot of inconvenience doing this, but I have to endure it,” she said adding, “I have a lot of sins. There are so many things to bury in my heart.” 

Cha Woo-rim

At the same time, I did recall my Miss Korea days. She said, “It’s my first time wearing high heels in my life. I’m 178cm tall. I felt like I was riding on those shoes. I have always lived splendidly and also got married splendidly. The presidential chief of staff even became the host for our wedding ceremony. Many friends were envious of me.” 

However, despite her happy life, Cha Woo-rim then suffered a series of hardships as the IMF hit. She said, “We went bankrupt during the IMF. My house and car have all been sold,” she said, adding that her husband also died suddenly in a traffic accident. 

Cha Woo-rim

They had a son together. “I haven’t seen my son in two years,” she shed tears while writing a letter to her son in the army. “Still, whenever I think of my child, I feel emotional in a corner of my heart. I’m so sorry and I miss you so much,” she added. 

In addition, she opened up about the reason for becoming a monk, “Didn’t my son suffer so much during your time in college? I had thought he should be living a more comfortable life, but my child suddenly got sick, something harder happened, and now I had to go on a harder path. I made this choice for my child, but in a way, he can think that his mother abandoned him. I sincerely hope he doesn’t think so,” she said and shed tears again.


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