CEO of Youn Yuh-jung and Lee Seung-gi’s agency to gift 16,7 billion won in shares to her artists and employees

CEO Kwon Jin-young of HOOK Entertainment, the agency of actors Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sun-hee, Lee Seo-jin… gave 38% of her stakes to her artists, executives and employees, free of charge.

“CEO Kwon Jin-young transferred 100% of HOOK Entertainment’s shares to Chorokbaem Media for 44 billion won and donated 16,7 billion won worth of share, or 38% of her shares, free of charge to all of the agency’s artists and employees,” HOOK Entertainment said on Dec 13t, added, “The number of shares or specific amounts given to each individual will be different depending on their annual experience with the company and position.”

CEO Kwon Jin-young

HOOK Entertainment earlier announced its merger with Chorokbaem Media on Dec 9th. The agency started with CEO Kwon Jin-young’s capital of 50 million won in 2002, and has continued to grow for 20 years as an excellent small and medium-sized company.

CEO Kwon Jin-young said, “As a manager for 24 years, I’m always grateful for the positive influence the artists have on our society. I’ve decided to give this gift to all of my agency’s artists and employees from our 1st year to 20th year with the hope that all of us are like real family members. In the future, I will continue to dream bigger with my HOOK family, and as a company that has merged with the Chorokbaem Media, we will take the path that no one has taken.”

In addition to the given shares, CEO Kwon Jin-young will also participate in various donations. First, she will donate 100 million won to KBS’s “Along With You” following Lee Seung-gi and Lee Sun-hee. Accordingly, 1 million won will be delivered to the cast every week, starting from the first cast in 2022. She will also donate 100 million won to “Fruit of Love” at the recommendation of actor Lee Seo-jin, who has become a member of Seoul Honor Society by donating 100 million won to “Fruit of Love” in 2019. Apart from that, 100 million won more will be donated to patients from low-income families who are delaying their treatment due to the lack of surgery expenses at the Sichon Severance Hospital, which will be a total of 300 million won in donations to the underprivileged.

Meanwhile, HOOK Entertainment plans to focus more on planning and developing new content with Chorokbaem Media.

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