Celebrities who appeared in ordinary people’s dreams and brought great luck

Since ancient times, the dreams in which celebrities appear are considered “lucky dreams”.

In general, celebrities are known to symbolize “good news” in dreams. This can be interpreted as “good news will come to you soon”. In fact, in interviews after winning the first prize released by DongHaeng Lottery, there are many cases of winning after dreaming about celebrities.


A, who was not interested in lottery, dreamed of winning the second prize in the lottery last September and steadily purchased lottery tickets. Then one day, A could not sleep at night, so they woke up at dawn and scratched the lottery ticket, and they suddenly won 500 million won.

In an interview with the first prize winner, A said, “I recently dreamed of IU and Koyote’s Shinji. I feel so good about winning. I think this kind of luck came to me because I’ve been a giving, sharing person.”

Lim Young Woong

B, who happened to stop by a lottery shop while traveling, experienced an amazing incident in which both of the purchased lottery tickets won the first prize.

B said, “I scratched the lottery ticket with my daughter. The picture matched and I saw 1 billion won next to it. I was so surprised and dumbfounded. A few weeks ago, I dreamed of talking to singer Lim Young Woong.”

B ended up receiving 2 billion won in prize money. They shared their thoughts, “I’m glad I was able to solve the problem that I didn’t have enough balance to move into a new apartment this fall.


C dreamed about singer-actress Suzy and enjoyed the luck of winning first and second prizes in the pension lottery.

C confessed, “I originally didn’t dream much, but I had a dream in which I bought a pension lottery ticket. Suzy appeared in my dream. Maybe because I like Suzy, it felt really good. People say dreaming about celebrities is a good dream. I think my favorite celebrity wished me luck. I’m sorry to my wife, but I’m really grateful to Suzy for appearing in my dream and becoming the goddess of luck.”

C explained, “I plan to use the two second-place winnings (100 million won each) to pay back the loan and the first-place winning for living expenses.”

Source: Wikitree

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