Celebrities’ special wedding rings (ft.Lee Hyo-ri, Hyuna, Kim Tae-hee)

Below are 3 celebrity couples who amazed everyone with their wedding 

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic did not stop lovers from continuing their love. Although the government is still trying to prevent the pandemic spread by strengthening the quarantine guidelines, news of celebrity couples’ marriages has been steadily announced.

The “flower” of a wedding and proposal, which is the first step for the couple to make a promise of being together for the rest of their life, is definitely a “ring”. This is because a wedding ring (or proposal ring) contains the two’s promise for eternal love and is a special thing that will firmly bind those who will develop from lovers to couples.

Therefore, choosing a wedding ring will cause a couple a lot of deep worries. This is because they will have to choose between a so-called “National wedding ring” luxury wedding ring or a unique ring containing its own charms and stories.

For those who are worried about choosing a ring, here are the star couples who prepared unique proposal rings to express their love story.

Hyuna ♥ Dawn

Hyuna ♥ Dawn

Hyuna and Dawn have already been dating for 6 years. They began to be rumored of getting married on February 3rd when Dawn posted a photo of his ring along with the message “MERRY ME”. Moreover, Hyuna also uploaded a photo of the same ring and wrote “Of course, YES” on her SNS, adding more strength to the rumor of their marriage.

Although their company, PNation, only responded “We are checking the facts”, the designer who produced the ring at Dawn’s request later revealed that it was a “proposal ring”, proving the two’s proposal to be true.

The proposal ring chosen by the two, who drew attention from domestic and foreign fans with their SNS public proposal, is a customized product from a handmade jewelry brand. It stands out with a fancy and unique vibe.

According to the ring designer, Dawn and Hyuna’s rings were made separately as customized products with a special detail that Dawn designed for Hyuna. In particular, the rings boasted a luxurious appearance as they were made of platinum and 7 different kinds of diamonds, including Opal Hyuna’s favorite jewel.

Lee Sang-soon ♥ Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Sang-soon ♥ Lee Hyo-ri
Lee Sang-soon ♥ Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri have been living their own simple lives as a “Wannabe couple” in Jeju Island since their marriage. The wedding rings chosen by the two and the ring Lee Sang-soon presented Lee Hyo-ri at the time he proposed to her were pure gold rings with rough designs.

In 2013, Lee Hyo-ri revealed the scene of their proposal on an entertainment show during the time she was dating Lee Sang-soon and through her SNS. At that time, Lee Sang-soon proposed to Lee Hyo-ri by presenting her a pure gold ring with a video containing congratulatory messages from colleagues who were close to her.

The rings were frequently captured when their daily lives in Jeju Island after marriage were revealed, creating a warm scene. At first, the ring seems to not suit Lee Hyo-ri, but there would definitely be no rings other than the pure gold ones that could represent the two’s simple, rough, and stable marriage.

Kim Tae-hee ♥ Rain

Kim Tae-hee ♥ Rain

Not many people know that the wedding ring of the “Couple of the Century” Rain and Kim Tae-hee was a couple of rings worth 250,000 won.

The two were likely to have had a decent wedding with rings from expensive luxury brands, but they decided to choose “simple” ones. Earlier in 2017, the two drew attention by holding a small wedding with the participation of only family members in a cathedral in Gahoe-dong, Seoul. It is said that the wedding gifts were also minimized according to the will of the couple.

Appearing in an entertainment show in the past, Rain also mentioned their wedding. At that time, he surprised everyone by saying, “Instead of making it a gift for Kim Tae-hee, we decided to discuss the ring’s design well and choose it”, adding, “The wedding ring costs 250,000 won. It was about 250,000 won to 300,000 won”. The wedding rings of the two were rosary rings with the faith of Kim Tae-hee, who is known as a Catholic, and Rain, who received baptism before marriage.

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