Byul “If I were to be born again, I’d still marry Haha…After dating about 20 people”

It has been 14 years. Singer Byul (40) will release her full-length album “Startrail” after a long time.

“Startrail”, which will be released at 6 PM on Jan 11th, is Byul’s 6th full-length album released in 14 years since “When I Watch A Drama” in 2009. The album contains a total of 10 songs, including double title tracks “Afternoon” and “You’re”. The main title track “Afternoon” captures the narrator’s longing for the past love that still lingers despite the passage of time.


Recently, Byul met News1 ahead of the release of her 6th full-length album at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Byul, who confessed that she had a hard time preparing for this album, smilingly said, “It’s all thanks to my family’s support. And thank you to the fans who waited for a long time.

haha byul

When asked about the thing that she would choose if she were to be born again, Byul replied, “If I were to be born again and get married, I’d still marry my husband. I mean it. But I wouldn’t date him. The condition is to date about 20 people then meet my husband. In fact, the fact that I didn’t date much before I met my husband is the reason why I’m living with a lot of regret. (laugh)

Source: Nate

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