“Busan date with you”, TWICE Jihyo posted “honeymoon” update with this person

TWICE member Jihyo recently posted photos of her trip to Busan, drawing attention

On June 30th, TWICE Jihyo posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Traveling to Busan 💙.” The photos, which showed Jihyo cutely posting in various places, raised the curiosity of fans, who wondered who Jihyo’s companion was.

Their question was answered on the same day, as Jihyo updated another Instagram post with the caption “Dating in Busan with you 😉🤍.” It turns out that Jihyo’s traveling partner is none other than her fellow group mate, Jeongyeon. 

In later photos, Jeongyeon and Jihyo can be seen having the sweetest and happiest time in their friendship trip, as they went to the beach, swimming pool, and souvenir shop side by side. Although the two TWICE members were extremely popular, it seems that they managed to enjoy their trip without being bothered, making fans super happy for them.  

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Jeongyeon also shared photos of the trip on her Instagram on July 1st, drawing attention with the two’s cute poses, outstanding visuals, and explosive friendship chemistry. 

The female idol also wrote: “We recklessly left for Busan without a big plan…Honestly, I was wondering what we would do when we got there…but it felt as if we were on a honeymoon… During our trip to Busan, we endlessly said that it would be fun if we came with the members.”

Jeongyeon then tagged Jihyo’s Instagram handle, @_zyozyo, saying: “Wai, you are a member too. I’m sorry Jihyo… I forgot”.

Jeongyeon and Jihyo, along with TWICE member Nayeon, is nicknamed “3mix” among TWICE fans. The trio have been training together for a long time way before debut, and would often lovingly bicker, proving an extraordinary chemistry. 

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